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Keith   Duffy

Name:Keith , Peter, Thomas, John, Duffy
Born:Year: 1974
      Day: Tuesday
      Month: January 
      Date: 10th
Place of Birth: Dublin
Star sign: Libra
Birthstone: Sappire and Opal
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 14 Stone
Eyes: Blue
Waist: 32
Shoe: 11
Lives: Donaghmede
Sisters: None 
Brothers: Derek 'older'
                 John  'younger'
Nickname: Duffster
Drives: Escort XR31  
Fave Actress: Julia Roberts
Dream woman as a teenager: Beht from Neighbours.
Fave Female singer: Louise 
Fave super Modle: Eva Hertzigova
Did you do well at school: Year. I got a good leaving certificate (A
What is your worst feature: Probable my broken teeth
What is your best feature: Probable my broken teeth as well, judging by
the comments from some of the fans. 
Do you believe in Ghosts: I believe in Spirits 
Would you be tempted by any of your fans: No. I
wouldn't mess around
with them                         
What was your most unusual job: I worked at a golf
driving range,
picking up all the balls 
Have you got a hidden skill: I had a bit of a flair
for architectural drawing 
Do you fear the future: No. I look farward to it 
What song would you sing: 'Always look on the bright
side of life'
Fave Album: 'Older' George Michael
Song: 'True colours' Cyndi Lauper
Movie: Point Break
Game: Dominoes
Aftershave: Hugo Boss
Item of Clothing: Sweatshirt
Hobby: Driving  
Jewellery: A ring i have on a necklace 
Holiday: Caribbean cruise
Sport: Gaelic football and Hurling
Food: Cabbage, bacon, mashed, potatoes and loads of
Tattoo: I love tattoos and I've had two done. One is
on my right arm the other, a panther, is on my
right sholder blade. 
I'm going to get more done 
Love song: 'Penny lover' Lionel Richie
Fave colour:Red 
Least fave colour: Pink

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