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Stephen   Gately

Name: Stephen, Patrick, David, Gately
Born: Year: 1976
     Day: Wednesday
     Month: March
     Date: 17th
Place of Birth: Dublin
Star Sign: Pisces
Birthstones: Crystal, Aquamarine and Emerald
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 9.5
Stone Eyes: Blue
Waist: 30
Shoe: 7
Lives: Seville Place
Sister: Michelle 'Older'
Brothers: Mark, Tony, Alan 'Older'
Nickname: Homeboy
Drives: None
Fave Actress: Michelle Pfeiffer
Fave Female singer: Janet Jackson
Worst feature: Everything.
Me Best feature: People say my lips and Eyes
Embarrassing moment: I used to do the collection in
church and one Sunday I dropped all the money during Mass and had
to pick it all up.
Did you ever have an experience with the supernatural: Year, There's
this Ghost in our house and I've seen him many times, it scares
the hell out of me.
Do you believe in Evil spirits: Year, I wear a precious stone around my
neak to keep them away 
Wear in bed: Boxers.
First kiss: I was 12, that girl still sends me cards for my Birthday and
at Christmas.
Biggest fear: Falling from a height on stage
Job before Boyzone: I worked in a bar and in a shoe shop
Happiest moment: Getting into Boyzone
3 personal items you'd take on the island: A walkman, A book, Me mam.
Personal comfort you'd miss: A soft bed
Fave Album: 'Les Miserables'
Song: 'Killing Me Softly' Fugees
Movie: Sister Act 2
Book: The Weirdstone of Brisingham
Aftershave: Eternity
Fashion store: Brown Thomas (Dublin)
Hobby: Sailing
Jewellery: My watch
Holiday: Disneyland
Sport: Badminton
Food: Breast of chicken curry
Love song: 'Think Twice' Celine Dion
Fave colour: Purple
Least fave colour: Green
How many Kids would you like to have: Two. A boy and a Girl
Would you ever take drugs: No way. I've seen what they do to people and
it's terrifying.
Would you go out with a fan: Year, If she was the
right fan. If she was really nice and really genuine, then I probably
would do it.
What bad habit really gets up your nose: Smoking
Hidden Skill: Art
Saddest moment: I've had a few where people close to
me died
Do you fear the future: No
Instrument played:Piano
Fave TV show: Home & Away, TOTP

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