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Shane   Lynch

Name: Shane, Eamon, Mark, Stephen, Lynch
Born: Year: 1976
      Day: Saturday
      Month: July
      Date: 3rd
Place of Birth: Dublin
Star Sign: Cancer
Birthstones: Pearl and Moon stone
Height: 6'
Weight: 11.5 Stone
Eyes: Blue
Waist: 30
Shoe: 9
Lives: Donaghmede (Dublin)
Sisters: Tara, Alison  'Older'
          Keavy, Edele, Naomi  'Younger'
Brother: None
Nickname: Gino
Drives: Porsche 911
Fave Actress: None
Dream woman as a teenager: Melanie Griffith
Fave Female singer: Madonna
Did you ever have an experience with the supernatural: 
Yes. One time I was messing with a Ouija board and 
me and my sisters made contact with a girl from the other
side. It was a really weird experience
Do you believe in Ghosts: Year
Do you believe in love at first sight: I believe in
lust at first sight
Are you close to your dad: Year. He's me best mate
and we share a common passion for racing cars.
Would you be tempted to try drugs: No. I think
anyone who does is mad.
Drugs just mess you up
How romantic are you: I'd give myself a 4 out of 5.
I think I treat girls well. But I'm not one for going
out to dinner and showering a girl with presents.
How would you like to spend a date: I'd like to go 
bungee jumping or parachuting, strapped together!
Have you got a hidden skill: I'm a mechanic
Do you fear the future: No
3 personal items you'd take on the island: Tooth brush, 
Spot cream, Tweezers.
Personal comfort you'd miss:  Me mam
What song would you sing: 'I'm Coming Home Now'
Fave Album: 'Bag of Rhythm' UB40
Song: 'Unchained Melody' The Righteous Brothers
Movie: Bad boys
Book: Don't have one
Aftershave: Don't use it
Item of Clothing: Baggy trousers
Hobby: Cars
Jewellery: All my jewerllery
Holiday: Portugal
Sport: Motor racing
Food: Lobster
Call's: I call home and there's a few friends that I
keep in touch with regularly.
Love song: 'When a man loves a woman' Marvin Gaye
Fave colour: Green
Least fave colour: Yellow
Would you ever consider having a serious relationship 
with a fan: I don't know. It all depends if I fell in love with

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