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Ronan   Keating

Name: Ronan, Patrick, John, Keating
 Born: Year: 1977
       Day: Thursday
       Month: March
       Date: 3rd
Place of Birth: Swords, Dublin
Star Sign: Pisces
BirthStones: Crystal, Aquamarine and Emerald
Hair: Blond
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 10 Stone
Eyes: Blue
Waist: 30/32
Shoe: 9
Lives: Swords
Sister: Linda  'older'
Brothers: Gary, Gerard, Kieran  'older'
Nickname: Tin Tin
Drives: BMW
Fave Actress: Meg Ryan
Worst feature: teeth
Best feature: eyes
Embarrassing moment: Forgetting lyrics on stage
Believe in ghosts: Yes
Believe in UFO'S: Yes
Biggest fear: Snakes
Considered as: A good, true friend
Job before Boyzone: I Worked in a shoe shop
If not in Boyzone: Probable Acting
Personal comfort you'd miss: A nice soft bed
Fave Album: 'Older' George Michael
Song: 'Nobody Knows' Tony Rich Project
Movie: Hunt For Red October
Aftershave: Sculpture
Item or Clothing: Track suit bottoms
Hobby: Cars
Jewellery: A white Gold ring
Holiday: America
Sport: Moter racing
Food: Pasta
Fave Program: Blind Date
Fave Film: The Highlander series
Fave Boyzone song: I'll be there
Call's: I always call me mam.
Love song: 'Crying' Roy Orbison
Least fave colour: Purple

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